Monday, May 21, 2012

Neutral Palette Interior - Marseille

Now here is a beautiful and low key interior... Designed by Maurice Padovani in Marseille, France, it's an ecclectic mix of industrial, recycled, vintage and modern. The mix of natural tones in the blond timber creates a balance with the steel used in the Jielde lamps, the stairs, the window frame, the industrial upright heaters... The soft, plump sofa, the bean bags and the curved DCW contrast with the angular shape of the stairs. 
I also found the use of particle board on the walls a really interesting texture, beautifully subtle with the lime wash finish, as opposed to the amazing strong graphic component of the stairs. I just love how these raw materials have been put together in a way that is seemingly effortless and how they somehow gained such a sophisticated look. Thanks to yooko blog for bringing this interior to my attention. 

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