Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kantha Quilts - Bring colour to your life!

Ok this post is very colourful in contrast with the subtle neutral tones of last week post... but, "c'est comme ça..." 
Maybe some of you have already seen it, but Temple & Webster (top image) have a Kantha quilt sale and it seems that they've sold like hot cakes because by the time I got to it, there weren't that many left. The two first shown above (front and back) are currently still going... If you've missed out on your favourite one, I've just found The Family Love Tree, they have an amazing collection AND some very pretty styling in case you're not sure how to put it all together. The bottom 3 images are from their website and there are many more to check there. Being so colourful and bringing so many patterns together, I'm not even game to take that step lightly but I love them, they'll add a touch of "bohemian" look to your home...

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