Monday, June 4, 2012

Kitsch in Collingwood... Brunch at Bluebird.

Going through a few furniture shops yesterday in Collingwood, looking for breakfast bar stools, my friend Sonna and I (needing an early break) stumbled across this sweet little café on Johnston Street, east from Smith Street. Not much going yet in that area but a few quirky shops are starting to appear. 
At Bluebird, some little plastic soldiers hanging from the door frame welcome you as you come in. No waiting to get our coffee and they were really good ones. The menu is simple with a few variation of (perfect) poached eggs on fresh bread, avocado "smash", chorizo, mushrooms, feta, banana bread, muesli... it's all there. We decided we would have to come back to work our way down the list, it all looked so delicious and we weren't disappointed by our choices. But beside the amazing food, friendly and quick service, this is another one of these place that makes Melbourne. As a foodie and a designer, I love these cafés. Some super kitsch picture frames decorate the walls (check their twitter wall too!), recycled glass bottles for water, vintage desk lamps and chairs, recycled counter top and the fake grass bunny take the seriousness out of the place. But there is still great attention to details with the menu, the quality of the food, the cute logo and these beautiful tulips throughout the place. If you are in the area, take a walk away from the Smith Street crowd, you won't be disappointed. 

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