Monday, April 23, 2012

Shades of Green - Vintage Glass

I find Etsy such a good resource for these Vintage objects that can sometimes cost a small fortune in Australia. Especially if sourced from "fashionable" second hand or Vintage shops. Since these little gems have become so popular, they are getting harder to find and even Opp shops tend to now overprice them... But if don't want to go around looking for a real little treasure, Etsy is the place.
1. Antique Bottle from Scroungebird 2. Danish Mod Green Glass Candle Holders from VintageModernandMore 3. Green Candle holders from PatinaMarket 4. Farmhouse French jars from FrenchCountryLife 5. Antique Flask from ThreeTangerines 6. Dansk IHQ Vases from Modfolk 7. Bottle from AlliStrange 8. Emerald Jars from Nellie Fellow 9. Vintage George Washington Bottle from CoolandBeautiful


  1. Thank you for the feature! Lovely collection.

  2. Love this collection of green. Thanks for showing off our little Dansk IHQ vases.


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