Monday, April 16, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things - Series #2

If you have missed the first of the "favourite things" series you can check it out here... Today is the release part #2 and I am introducing Sonna:

1. Where is the item coming from, does it have a story and why do you like it?
This came from an unknown second hand shop on Smith Street for $35 and it was one of a pair. It belonged to a friend of mine who carried it from the shop on the tram and back home where he was living in Parkville. When he left to go globe trotting he gifted it to me, and I have always had it close to me, usually in my bedroom as a reading chair, or more realistically a clothes horse. Coincidentally, he called only a couple of weeks ago, and amongst the chit chat, he asked me about that chair. He still regrets not getting the pair. For those who know me and this friend, they would know he is the antithesis of permanence so I was a bit amazed that he still talked about it. I like it because it's very unassuming, but homey and inviting. It reminds me of a time when people read books and listened to the radio instead of watching tv and surfing the net.

2. What is your profession?
Field technical specialist, cardiac medical devices - supporting sales, implants, and follow up for pacemakers and internal defibrillators.

3.Tell me what piece of furniture you would love to have?
A great big pendant lamp for reading. In Timber.

We looked for quite a few lighting options with Sonna but there wasn't many floor lamps which fitted the above brief. Which make me think... could there be a gap in the (Australian) market?! Luckily going through my brochures from last year's Maison&Objet in Paris I found this one below for her... BUT no distributors in Australia (yet).

4. Why would you love to own this item?
V. cool!! Kinda tongue in cheek made me laugh. Quite like it!
It also looks like it would be at home in a campsite, which suits me just fine!

Sonna and the Vintage Chair

Denver Floor Lamp from Refuge-Megeve

Special credit to Sharon @Stylisti for Sonna's picture above.


  1. Love the post, love the chair, love the lamp and even love Sonna!
    ...and special credit to Gregie Potter for the use of his camera and flash :)

  2. love the chair ... looks like it has been involved in many conversations and discussions over the years

    1. Thanks Anonymous. Yes, absolutely agree. I believe it is these stories that second hand or vintage furniture can bring to a place and make it a home.


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