Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vintage Shop in Fitzroy

I recently discovered a new Vintage shop on Johnston St, Fitzroy: Used pty. ltd. I spotted the colourful baskets hanging off the awning a  few weeks ago but had ran of of time to stop. So, since I was around there again last week-end I just had to go in and investigate. I am so glad I did. First there is the smell of burnishing oil when you come in, which took me back in the days I used to spend many hours in a workshop, but then there is a world of original items, all of them in such good condition (including a pair of 100 years old ladies shoes, never worn). On top of that the owners Helen and Paul are absolutely lovely and their adorable dogs Macy and Neville (pictured above) add to the friendliness of the place. If you love vintage and are in the area, it is worth the visit.

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