Monday, March 26, 2012

Patterns inspiration at ascraft

Pretty much around the corner form my house is Ascraft textiles and passing by recently I noticed the stunning pattern on the Danish sofa in their display window. Now I'm not sure what caught my eye, the beautiful vintage sofa (actually a daybed), the colourful fabric or both. Regardless, I had to go in. I already knew of Ascraft fabrics from Christopher Farr's beautiful linens and amazing patterns and colours and this geometric beauty is relatively new. To me anyway. The plus is that they also have introduced an outdoor range. But I specifically love this new addition to the range, the colours are amazing, it has such a strong presence and it just looks fabulous on this refined Danish daybed (Untitled col. Red but the other colours are just as great). 
I also discovered a few more stunning fabrics inside with some very pretty block printed patterns from John Robshaw Textiles which I didn't know and some other fun patterns and colours hand printed linens from Rapture and Wright. Top: Christopher Farr, Middle: John Robshaw Textiles, Bottom: Rapture and Wright.

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