Monday, March 31, 2014

Ghost Town. Or how nature decorates...

One website I often found myself going back to is Fast Company. This time what got me clicking their link is a story of this Ghost Town in Nambia called Kolmanskop. German miners settled there in the early 1900's following a "diamond rush". But it only lasted about half a century... as the resources disappeared, the town was slowly abandoned. So from 1956, the desert, the sand, the dunes just moved back in.

The result of time playing on the architecture is amazing. Aside from this incredible story, it's the fabulous light, the colours, the texture of the walls that grabbed my eye. I just wonder what the interiors would have looked like in their glory days. At the same time, the glory days maybe now... Aging gracefully, letting Nature take its course. 

These stunning images from French photographer Romain Veillon are a wonderful record of the ephemeral nature of what humans build and a reminder that if we let it, Nature will know how to take over.  

Hope you enjoy.


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