Saturday, September 21, 2013

Monthly Musings...

Early sketches for the Mr Cross Table range 

My poor blog has been lacking the love of late, my attention & time were caught in other places and priorities had to shift for a while. Hope to be able to get back into it in a more regular fashion. 
As I managed to get some time catching up with other blogs today I stumbled onto Meet me at Mikes latest post "Taking Stock" and really liked the idea of it. I enjoyed the way it made me wonder about things I would possibly just ignore and found it an inspiring exercise. So I thought I'd give it a go myself and will also try to keep it as a monthly subject.
Thanks for the inspiration Pip.   

Making : Birthday plans
Cooking : Spanish omelette
Drinking : Another coffee
Reading: Steve Jobs' bio
Wanting: A break
Looking: At my phone again
Playing: Sia 
Wasting: Too much water in the shower
Fixing: My kitchen taps (and failed)
Deciding: What to do for coming birthday
Wishing: It was warmer 
Enjoying: Spending time on my business
Waiting: For summer
Liking: Sleeping in this morning then waking up to see the sun shining
Wondering: Why is my cat always hungry??
Loving: My new furniture being prototyped
Pondering: Colours for the range
Considering: Keeping it simple
Watching: World Domination Summit's videos
Hoping: I could go next year

Marvelling: How passion drives people
Needing: A hug
Smelling: Jean-Paul Gaultier, my fav perfume for the last 20 or so years...
Wearing: Jeans... always.
Following: Inspiring people
Noticing: New growth on trees outside my window
Knowing: That good things are ahead
Thinking: Not too far ahead hopefully
Feeling: Impatient
Admiring: People with balls drive 
Buying: A rug & cushions from West Elm
Getting: Excited about it
Bookmarking: RAL colour chart
Opening: Another tab
Giggling: The number of tabs I have open at once
Feeling: Overwhelmed at times

Till next time... 

AC xx 


  1. I love your answers, it's a great way to stop and think about things around us through simple questioning. Check out my answers here, it was a really fun to do! xx

    1. Thanks for the feedback Eli - great to be reminded of the simple things sometimes. Good to see the process taking off with a few blogs. :)


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