Monday, July 8, 2013

This "plant thing" is growing on me...

Over the last year or so I have found myself getting into something new for me: plants in the house. Of course it's nothing "new" but it is a shift for me. Never thought much of plants in an interior and also because I was a bit of a notorious plant killer, I never thought I'd bother. Until I moved to my new apartment which has plenty of day light, a great vibe and I got one plant... yes I know: radical! But it grew... not died! And I liked it... the plant, not just the fact that maybe I wasn't a brown thumb after all. 
So little by little I got a few more and their presence in my home has really grown on me and now I seem to be looking at interiors with greenery in a very different light. Still... no need to get carried away: they have to be styled, edited and placed tastefully around the house.

Images: Left to right, top to bottom: 1- Nicole Franzen photgraphy via - 2- TDF Home of Kassandra Karinski - 3- via - 4- TDF Home of Kassandra Karinski - 5- via - 6&7- TDF Home of Simone Haag (a personal favorite) - 8- via - 9- via

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