Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ceramics and Photography

I have just found this amazing photographer Line T Klein... her images are just stunning, beautiful lighting... the Scandinavian way. The images of the ceramics hit a note for me as back when I was studying at the College of Arts in Edinburgh, one of my subject was ceramics and a day a week was dedicated to that (I might have mentioned this in a previous post). I loved spending the day in the quiet studios. I always thought it was like meditating whilst creating, getting so connected with the material you shape. What I love about those images depicting the tools, the shelves, the crumbled dry clay, the wheel... is that they feel so familiar and really brought back some fond memories. That's what photography should do, more than being visually beautiful, it tells a story. And now I'm feeling quite nostalgic. So there... I share.

See the rest of her images here.

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