Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creative work space

As usual I haven't really made any new years' resolutions... However, they are plenty things I want to do but they're more plans rather than resolutions. 
So, first thing I plan to do is to clean up my work space and make it an inspiring room, not just for me but also for anyone else looking in as an outsider. It will probably involve a trip to Ikea... for the basics (storage boxes/containers, folders, mag holders...) and then collect a few nice designer's objects and products. I need a bit more colour, a couple more artworks/picture frames, a light/lamp and mostly I need to new pin board which I probably will have to have made myself as I can't find anything big enough. I might even bring a plant! Since greenery is suppose to improve concentration... although I might need a whole tree at the moment. Anyway, the above images are suppose to give me a little inspiration... and motivation!

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