Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photoshoot: anaca studio products

As usual I can't help myself and just want to share the photoshoot from the week-end. These are just snapshots taken from my (mediocre!) phone camera for another "behind the scenes". 
It was a full day of moving furniture (lucky I don't have large items yet!), styling, changing our minds, restyling, adjusting, readjusting, disagreeing then agreeing, picking up lavender (being chased by bees... well some of us!) to add greenery to the shots... We were all exhausted at the end of it but I'm absolutely thrilled and can't wait for the processed shots! Although I might agonise again on which ones are the best to pick from... Much harder to make these decisions when it is your own products. 
Thank you Nik (click here for his website) for working on a week-end for me and being most patient and Sharon for your keen eye for detail and styling advice (check out her beautiful blog on Stylisti and her cute range of stationary on Nollison). You guys are the best!


  1. I'm telling you, those bees wanted to kill me!
    Otherwise it was an absolute pleasure working with you and Nik so thank you for giving me the opportunity to get involved.
    I'm sure the photos will turn out great! xo

  2. It was my pleasure. It was great to have your help and wouldn't have been the same without you... I was too emotionally attached! :)


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