Monday, July 9, 2012

1-2-3-4-5... Vintage selects

Yes by now "Vintage" should be overrated but I think this is more than a waning fad, like possibly Antlers and Fluoro colours, (which I think are great, don't get me wrong). The word is certainly overused and many times for items that aren't actually "Vintage". As I have found on the net, "vintage" relates to furniture that is about 30-100 years old (anything beyond that should be called Antique). However the item should also be a representation of the prevalent style of an era. So anything old is not necessarily "vintage". As you would have noticed if you follow the blog, the subject comes back quite often. Yes I love it, as many others do. I think every home should have a piece or more. Not only they add to the aesthetic of an interior but they balance anything that would be more modern and also, well it's green/sustainable, it's recycling, and if you are lucky or smart, it can be cheap too. I have just come across this great Vintage shop Dusty Deco in Stockholm (unfortunately not whilst travelling). Great range of items and well displayed on their website too. 

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