Friday, March 16, 2012


So there it is... Pastel seems to be everywhere I look. I certainly didn't think I would be a "pastel" person. Until this summer, when I started a small range of jewellery, playing with a few colours. I was actually trying to achieve some much brighter tones but the pastels were created somewhat by mistake. But then they really grew on me... and it seems to get worse. I guess it is healthy to keep an open mind. Never say never. So here are a few inspiring images...

1-Nothing like the worn colours of an old book from an absolute new favourite blog: little brown pen.
2-Not where you would expect to find inspiration but I love this picture and of course the colour! from little brown pen 3-Just a lovely shot from Lucyina Moodie Stylist  4-Perfect pastel mix from Erin Ever After  5-Pastel necklace on sale on my Etsy shop The Busy Hands

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