Monday, February 20, 2012

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall... which one is the best of them all?

Always on the look out for beautiful mirrors...

Statement piece from Baker Furniture below (over 1m diameter)

or the classic Starburst for glamour (also from Baker furniture)...

maybe something more subtle... (from the Pottery Barn)

or more traditional... (also the Pottery Barn)

what about a beautiful antique piece?? From Montreux/Trove...

maybe a rustic look? (again the Pottery Barn

or something a little more exotic with these Moroccan mirrors (from Kasbah Imports)

of course let's not forget the Industrial look.... (from Le Constrate)

or even Retro... (also from Le Contraste)

but surely... must have a full length mirror? with a minimalist or a more ornate look?

so... which one IS the best of them all??

C'est tout pour cette semaine... à bientôt!

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